Users are invited into the world of the artwork, encouraged to leave their mark, and then depart.

Through the exploration of a multitude of drawing techniques, we've crafted diverse, dynamic posters that engage audiences through direct interaction, offering a unique experience that evokes and seizes emotions, leaving a lasting impression well beyond the exhibition.

Samsung Electronics Interactive Media Art fuorisalone

Typography Layout

With the unique circumstance of having many visitors unfamiliar with the Korean language at the international exhibition, we strategically emphasized the intriguing artistic quality of Korean script. This was achieved through a design that employed broken and reconnected text formats, coupled with the adept use of white space to generate a captivating visual rhythm.

삼성전자 인터랙티브 미디어아트 fuorisalone

Projecting the optimal viewing distance from the screen onto the floor to strategically guide audience positioning.

Before the commencement of our artwork, we undertook an experiment to ascertain the size a human figure would assume within a 65-inch display and observed that the individual's position varied depending on the nature of the content displayed. As we projected the 'Traced Concept' artwork on screen, we discovered that most people positioned themselves between 1.5 and 2 meters from the display; hence, we subsequently established this range as the most suitable for interacting with the work.

  • 삼성전자 인터랙티브 미디어아트 fuorisalone
  • 삼성전자 인터랙티브 미디어아트 fuorisalone
  • 삼성전자 인터랙티브 미디어아트 fuorisalone

Investigation of Drawing Techniques

Bearing in mind that the avatar is essentially a digital reflection of oneself, we generated visuals where individuals could see their past and present selves coexisting. This allowed for an interactive experience where attendees could obtain personalized posters, drawn according to color variations triggered by their movements.

Audience Engagement Exceeding 100 Persons per Hour

During the six-day exhibition, approximately 8,000 unique posters were created. Post-interaction, these posters were stored in cloud storage, enabling attendees to download their individual pieces via a QR code affixed to the wall. The audience responded enthusiastically, performing a variety of actions including dancing in front of the poster, choreographing scenarios in sync with the typography, and maintaining the same pose until their poster was securely stored.

Samsung Electronics Interactive Media Art fuorisalone
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